Friday, 2 May 2008


Originally, this post was a lot longer.  It had some good jokes in it too.  Really good jokes.  Seriously.  And then Nvu crashed.  For the second time.  /dramaticsigh.  Oh well, I'm sure you can figure out the significance of these pictures; there will be a test.

Wing-ed Porphyrria on her horsie. Barbie Blood Knight action playset sold separately.

Not too shabby for a character I originally made just so I could see what the M'uru-related Blood Knight quests were like before they got changed, eh?  I'm pretty sure 12 days /played is a new record for me, too.

This one doesn't have any significance, I just thought it was pretty.  You know, in a "I just slaughtered a bunch of things and arranged them decoratively" kinda way.

Who says art and mindless violence are mutually exclusive?! 

Incidentally, has anyone noticed that at level 70, we need over one million XP to get to 71?  We better be getting crazy XP in WotLK...

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