Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Goggles, Getting Stoned and a Flying Machine

Oh woe is me, for I have marking to do.  As such, this is going to be a cop-out post.

So, it turns out that it takes about one and a half hours to go from 1 to 332 2H mace skill with a 2.6 speed mace and our good friend, the Servant of Allistarj.  I measured this using the highly scientific method of  Counting How Many Times I Had To Reapply Greater Blessing of Wisdom.

I know this because [Hatebringer] dropped in Underbog for Porphyrria, who despite knowing how to throw around two-handed swords, axes and even polearms, just couldn't bring herself to pick it up and use it in combat.  Since then, I replaced it with [The Oathkeeper] which I snapped up from the AH for a song.

On the subject of neat gear, I can't wait to yank that spiffy [Blessed Book of Nagrand] out of Nesingwary's blood-stained hands.  Still trying to get a group for the elite parts...

I also cleared out my bank and AH alts' mailboxes over the weekend.  Perfect thing to do when you're sniffling and can't think straight.  Ended up not only making nearly 1k in gold from a single day's auctions, but also "discovered" that I had a massive stockpile of the various outland ores...

...which I then put to good use by finally dragging Its' Engineering skill up to 375.  The question then was what to do with all the surplus power cores I'd made.  Thankfully, the answer presented itself in short order:

It's Its Flying Its' new Flying Machine.  And yes, I *did* pick his name so I could write sentences like that.

Two new purples in one day!  [Turbo-Charged Flying Machine Control] and [Surestrike Goggles v2.0] mean I'm now flying in style.

Already on a bit of a crafting bender, I found an Alchemist to make Por her [Mercurial Stone] and got her another 15-20 points in Jewelcrafting.

Finally, doing a bit of an audit on Its' gear, I think I'm getting close to being ready-ish for Kara.  My immediate goal is to get over 20% crit and 1300 RAP, while trying to get another 700 or so HP, maxing out my hit rating and scraping up some more mana.  Fun times.

As for Por, she's now about 1/3rd of the way through level 69, and has most of Blade's Edge Mountains to do it in.   This is good in that it means lots of quests left over for cash.  This is bad in that I absolutely loathe BEM.

Finally, I'll hopefully have a new, actually informative post ready for the weekend.


And I don't even have an audience yet.

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