Wednesday, 28 May 2008

You Learn Something New Every Day

Being an engineer (the fictitious in-game type, not the "my best friend is a slide rule and I can recite Pi to thirty decimal places" type,) one of my favourite, completely unnecessary maneuvers is to fly high above an enemy, dismount, and blast at them as I fall, using my [Parachute Cloak] to avoid falling damage.  The only issue with this is that my pet won't spawn until I physically hit the ground, and even then I'm looking at about a second and a half before I can control him.

Let me set the scene:  I'm flying back to Ruuan Weald from pilfering the etheral's mana cells for my sweet bag of goodies.  I'm pretty high up, and think "what the hell, let's see how close I can get to the flight master."

I wait until I'm nearly over him, and dismount.  So there I am, plummeting towards the ground like a sumo wrestler dropped out of a cargo plane, when the game starts to stutter.  "Oh bugger; it's swapping!  Damnit, pull!"  I mash my "gadget" macro to activate the parachute.  In my panic, I also accidentally hit the button next to it: my pet control macro, which casts Call Pet.  Imagine my surprise when Tiddles dutifully answers the call and pops up below me, chasing after me as I sail overhead.

Just when you think you know what you're doing, the game turns around to remind you that you really don't.

You know, I completely missed the flight master, though.


ma' said...

hello again.

bad news. i'm still not getting it. i've done just a ".js" instead of a ".js.js".

i tried to do a post right? so i used the code from the lightbox site; the #1 on "PART 2 - ACTIVATE"
actually, i'm just getting the linked "image #1" text on my post.

i can't figure out what's wrong. is it with the css? there are parts like "background: url(lightbox-nextlabel.gif)," should the part inside the parenthesis be an actual url?

anyway, thank you for your time again. oh and i'm sorry for randomly posting here. can't post at blog azeroth, i'm not a member..
thank you again. very much appreciated. (this is getting very long for a 'comment')

anyways, i hope to hear from you soon.


Itsnoteasy said...

I've just checked, and the images all appear to work. The link "Image #1" shows up the Lightbox. The image below that, when clicked, also brings up Lightbox. The cityscape doesn't work directly since it's not linked, but the "1" link below it works.

So, it should be working. If not, then it might be a problem with your browser or its configuration. I've tested it with Firefox 3 and IE 6.