Saturday, 26 April 2008


(Sentry Facesmash, a Fel Orc with a huge blade for his right hand is standing dejectedly in one of the training areas of the Shattered Halls.  He sighs as Warchief Kargath Bladefist passes by.)  Warchief Kargath Bladefist: What's going on here?!  Why aren't you mindlessly training for battle?!  Sentry Facesmash: Warchief Bladefist! I, uh...  Bladefist: Out with it!  Facesmash: I miss my pet.  He went missing last night, and I just can't stop thinking about how he's out there all on his own in a big, cold, uncaring world full of dangers for such a tiny, defenceless creature.  I want so very badly to go search for him and bring him back to the safety of his basket, but I cannot abandon my duties here!  Bladefist:  That's... that's...  That's so sad!  Don't worry Sentry Facesmash!  I'll find your precious companion for you!  Facesmash: Wow, thanks Warchief!  (Cut to Kargath Bladefist standing in his room, a yellow exclamation mark over his head.)  (Caption: A few hours later...)  Bladefist: Good news, Facesmash!  I found your little white kitty!  Facesmash: Cuddles!  Bladefist: And it only cost two of those blue badge things heroes are so crazy for these days.  Facesmash: Thank you so much, Warchief!  My heart is filled with joy!  Bladefist: Think nothing of it; anything to bolster the morale of my troops.  Facesmash: Come here and let me pet you, Cuddles.  (Facesmash kneels down to pet Cuddles.  Sound effects: shink, mreeow!)  (Facesmash jerks upright, blood covering his blade and spraying in the air.)  Facesmash: Cuddles, noooooo!  Curse my absurd sword-for-a-hand!  (Bladefist sighs.)  (Cut to Kargath Bladefist standing in his room, a blue exclamation mark over his head.)  (Caption: The end.  (At least, until 4AM server time...))

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